How to make search engines crawl your website more frequently?

Usually search engines will crawl pages from web portal, classifieds, social media websites more frequently than other pages so its good to get backlink from portals, classifieds and social media sites so that our link will be crawled easily by search engines crawlers.

Inorder to do that we need to do promote our link in web portals, submit our classifieds ads in classified websites and make popular our website by promoting in social media sites like twitter, facebook, linkedin etc. This is not only the way to get crawled frequestly. There is another way to do that without doing this things.

The metod of frequent content updation to your blog or website will increase your search engine crwal rates, so its good to update fresh interesting content so that user also get in to your website and increase your Search engines crawl rate.


  1. Comment by Natalie Kringas

    I really value what you’re writing here. Keep posting that way. Take care!

  2. Comment by sriyaditha

    Dear web master really we got your point and we started brain storming to put more fresh content updates…..

  3. Comment by link juice

    Hi palani, Do you have any other off page optimization for quick crawl..

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