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Hi, I'm Palanivel Raja. I'm a Chennai Based Search Engine Optimizer ( SEO Expert Chennai ) Provide Complete Web Promotion and Internet Marketing Solution. I have ethical techniques and strategies that can help you gain better rankings and increase traffic to your web site. If you want to know more about search engine optimization. Just email me for SEO services – tpraja@gmail.com

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As you can probably tell, most of my professional life and much of my personal life revolves around Search Engine Marketing. The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing your web site, and this is something that I have repeated so many times that my partner has threatened to eviscerate me with a broken CD, is that content is king. The written word, relevant and logical is the ultimate search engine marketing weapon. Develop good content, implement it well and the search engines will come knocking at your door (after some basic submission of course!).


I strongly believe in the power of Internet as key elements of progressive social change, which explains why my work, writing, and career are all focused on these topics. My work in evangelizing things like Search Engine tools and SEO technology is grounded in the belief that the best and most important use of computers is as communications tools. A primary goal of my work is to encourage people, especially young people, to start and run business over internet and get lots of leads from overseas market.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is not about scamming or fooling search engine 'spiders' (the software used by the search engine to crawl through your site and index it). It's about making the best of what you have and making what you have the best. Solid content is still king, forget the pretty pictures and Flash animations - the more valuable information you have, presented correctly, the more that other sites will link to you. These links, known as back links, are given great importance in ranking calculations as is the search engine's own "opinion" of your content. Questions about SEO, Web Promotion India, Website positioning, SEO Services in India, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) should be directed to Palanivel Raja, Chennai Search Engine Optimizer at Chennai (India), who can be reached tpraja@gmail.com India.


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